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After one nite of partAying and boozin’ it up in Sutton (London) at this PubbyKlub called ‘the Litten Tree’ I had to Krash at my frend’s, cuzin’s howse and had to sleep in this bunkbed. This shot is actually very generous in making the bed appear to be bigger than what it actually is. I was drunk as a fiddler’s bitch and not even halfway thru’ a dose of E and i had to smush myself into the bottom bunk. I scratched my face and arms everytime i rolled-over frum the bedsprings sticking outta the top mattress during the nite. it was complete drunken and eFFed up HeLL. I didn’t trust taking the topbunk cuz i knew wif my luck I’d roll off during the nite and die. when i’m sober i sleep like a rock. When i’m drunk i kick and toss and talk in my sleep.

Maybe i’m a witch.

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