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Laura, the blog posts go in order uv first to last posted in a day, so u just gotta scroll down. Like in the Forum, silly. And uv course people would read yer postings. They’re so interesting and make me all…uhm, excited. yes. this is true.

Here’s me (raymi) in Oxford. that siGn between my krotch sez, ‘please keep off grass’ or something and there i am On the grass like the eFFing rebellious bitch i’ve always been. hyuk hyuk. The tour company gave out these horrible bag lunches whenever we went out. I think i had this mango brie rye samwich and a box of juice and a flake. after this shot my frend pushed me down on the grass and made my lunch get smushed. Raymi wuz mad cuz raymi was very hungry that day and tired and Raymi needed her hangovir meal. lookit how pale Raymi wuz. that’s kuz the sun nver shined and when it did, Raymi was indoors, sleeping.

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